3 oktober 2017

OSIsoft User Conference 2016 – The Journey from Reactive to Predictive Operations

For many years, Shell has been leading the Upstream Oil & Gas industry with their innovative and advanced use of technology to maximise production, extend the life of their assets and operate as safely as possible. Since the very beginning, the PI System has been a foundational building block of Shell’s “Smart Solutions.”

In this presentation, John de Koning (Shell Smart Solutions Technology Manager) will discuss the transformational journey that Shell is on which is enabling them to move from being a reactive user of real-time data to one that is increasingly becoming proactive and in some cases even predictive. As a result, Shell is able to identify and avoid operational problems before they occur, avoid unplanned downtime and lower operational costs across their organisation. As part of this presentation Shell will explain why they have transitioned from a tag-based user of the PI System to one that is now making extensive use of Asset Framework (AF).