Our Focus

Generating value with Digital Transformation
Business Opportunities

Our long track record of finding business opportunities in the Oil & Gas industry is at your service. Our long experience within Shell running a Center of Excellence for Technical IT Innovation and Digital Transformation is a good example of the high value transformation can bring.

Business Transformation

Understanding business challenges is the first step in the Transformation journey. Next step is to translate the business opportunity into a journey plan or Vision. Key components of the plan are actions or Strategy to achieve the journey.

Digital Transformation

Core items for Digital Transformation are: – Data, Context and Access. Data collection can be complex in a multi vendor environment. Context is important to understand relationships between individual data points and generate Digital Twins from the physical equipment

Digital Deployment

Complexity of Digital Transformation is in deployment. This will become the crossroad between various Governance structures, new ways of working and most important access to all your data in a structured and contextualized way throughout the corporation.

About us

"We care about solutions to accelerate your value generation"
We care about your success

Our track record covers over 30 years of managing IT in the Energy sector. During this period we serviced many roles, ranging from operational roles in refineries and chemical plants, Manufacturing Information Management, Advanced Control, MES application development, deploying Real-time data solutions, MES IT Development & Support, Driving Enterprise wide Real-time Vision & Strategy and finally design, build and deployment of Integrated Solution Platform for Enterprise wide Real-time data processing and application development (One-Stop-Shop for data, big data analyses and advanced solutions like Exception Based Surveillance and Proactive Monitoring).


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